Our Wishlist

Just like your home, the Friends of Oak Cliff Parks have a number of projects that are ready to take off when funding is secured. If you or your business would like to fund one of these projects please either send a check with a written description of which project you want to fund (along with your information - name, address, phone) and send to: 

Friends of Oak Cliff Parks
P.O. Box 210124
Dallas, Texas 75211

Or, go to the more tab at the top right and click on donate and enter your donation. Then under the more tab go to contact us and the information on the project you want to adopt. If you would simply like to contact us with project questions use the contact us option.   All sponsors of a wishlist project will be added to our sponsor page with a link to your website for one calendar year. 

Kiest Conservation Area

  • Bat houses (2), pole extensions, clamps and pole caps    $185
  • Educational Amphitheater - 9 benches, speakers podium    $9,300
  • New Trail building - “East Ridge Trail”  (6,000 ft)   $15,000
  • Trail Clearing - one year   $4,500

Kiest Memorial Garden

  • Soil amendments for 12 beds   $440
  • Plants for the new Althea Demonstration Garden - Two 60 ft beds (20 plants)   $800
  • Plants for the new Cestrum Garden - Two 60 ft beds (20 plants)    $350

Lake Cliff Park

  • Plants for the Monarch Waystation -  $400

Founders Park

  • Perennials for the Monarch Waystation    $400

Kidd Springs Japanese Garden

  • Miniature Japanese Maples for Demonstration Garden 12 trees - $1,200