2018 Leadership

2018 Board Officers

Jon Papp, President

Ellen Fitzsimmons, Vice President

Marie Jenkins, Secretary

John Mark Ellis, Treasurer
Barbara Barbee,

City of Dallas Parks & Recreation Liaison

Board Members


John Mark Ellis

Ellen Fitzsimmons

Marie Jenkins

Mark Lindenmayer

Bill McCain

Cynthia Mulcahy

Jon Papp

Honorary Board Members

The Friends of Oak Cliff Parks have been fortunate and forever grateful to have benefited by the following individuals who have served on our board. We are very grateful to these friends who have donated their time and energy in helping us make the parks in Oak Cliff a better place for all to enjoy.

Nina Worthy

Riley Wilson

Steve Williams

Macario Villanueval

Becky Trevino 

Nola Rae Smith 

Diane Presley 

Rob Nicol 

Helene McKinney 

Christine Massey 

Robert Mason 

Bobbie Mason 

Tony Maniche 

Susan Lee

David Klempin 

Brian Halsell 

Frances Gonzalez 

Ron Blancq 

Darryl Baker

Annemarie Bristow 

Roger Bolen

 Barbara Barbee

Past Presidents

David Klempin: 2002 - 2007

Barbara Barbee: 2008 - 2011

Riley Wilson: 2012 2014

Jon Papp: 2015 - 2018